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Welcome to the Chief of Staff School, a global academy for mid-career executives to equip themselves with key fundamental generalist skills and context-rich knowledge to tackle complex venture challenges alongside innovative and visionary leaders.

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Structured Chief of Staff Program & Courses

For the ones that go above and beyond. Whether you're a current or aspiring Chief of Staff or a specialist seeking to strengthen your generalist skillset, our school offers a growing collection of meticulously curated courses, cases, community, tools, and resources for you.

1. Ready to be a Chief of Staff?

Learn more about being a Chief of Staff and what responsibilities the role has within a startup. We’ll go over the role at a high level and what it looks like at different stages of startups.

2. Overview of the Chief of Staff Role

Whether you’ve heard of the Chief of Staff role or not, this first will orient you to the overarching commonalities of the Chief of Staff role. We’ll start with a general description of the role and then dive into how the role differs across different size organizations. Meet Chiefs of Staff who are in the role now and ask any questions you might have about the roles and responsibilities of these generalists!

3. Setting Yourself Up for Success

After learning more about the Chief of Staff role, we’ll dive into how to be successful in your first 30/60/90 days in the role. We’ll talk about how to build and establish trust with your principal and how to best analyze your own strengths and weaknesses so that you know all the assets you’re bringing to the table.

4. Startup Operating Rhythms

All hands, town halls, quarterly business reviews, OKRs – these are all terms that you’ll need to be familiar with as a Chief of Staff. In this week, we’ll learn about the appropriate operating cadences for different stages of companies and how you can lead your org to success in these capacities.

5. Building and Scaling: Teams & Culture

A crucial part of the Chief of Staff role is helping your principal scale: both team and culture. How do you keep the culture of your early stage startup alive as you scale past the double digits? How do you continue to hire and attract top talent? We’ll talk about scaling as your company moves through its different stages.

6. Scaled Decision Making

Making important decisions with limited information really pushes one’s ability to connect the dots. Meanwhile, the art and science of prioritization can disrupt the working rhythm and operating cadence required to keep the Chief of Staff at the top of the game to support key business decisions. We’ll shed some light on how to navigate when information is scarce.

Remote and Self-paced Learning

Enroll and learn from anywhere at your convenience.

12-week Global Program

Curated and led by experienced instructors who bring a wealth of venture knowledge, skill sets, and context into the classroom and office hours.

Course Assignments & Quizzes

Engage in learning reflections and reinforce your knowledge with checkpoints integrated into each course.

Certificate Program Designed To
Advance Career

Earn and elevate your credentials as a generalist and chart your professional career pathway into the industry.  

Live Panel Sessions

Interactive panel sessions with highly seasoned Chiefs of Staff, C-suite leaders, and startup founders.

Cohort Networking Sessions

Lasting fellowship with likeminded talents around the world.


Clara Ma, Founder of Ask a Chief of Staff

Former Fellowship Program Director at On Deck, early employee and Former CoS at Hugging Face


Katherine Huang, Founder of Flywheel Executive Coaching

3x former Chief of Staff at Oscar Health, Bluecore, Hyperscience & Bubble


Al Dea, Founder of Betterwork Labs

Former Product Marketeer of Salesforce and Management Consultant at Deloitte


Michael Sheets, SVP People at Hero

Organization coach to leaders of high-growth startups. Former VP of International Operations & CoS at GREE


Carmeanna Eberly, Founder of Charis Consulting: The Op Shop

Director of Operations at Refine Labs. 3x former CoS. Former CoS at Proseer


Dora Nagy, Exec Coach to CEOs & Chiefs of Staff

Former CoS to Softbank COO. Ex-Google Global Sales Strategy & Operations

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